Be Still

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him” — Psalm 37:7 

“While you’re waiting, God is working” — Rick Warren

“God is working for you tonight. Heaven is holding conversations about you. Angels have been assigned to you.” — Kim Jones  

Some weeks you hear the same thing repeatedly, in various iterations. This week, my theme was stillness. 

I heard it in the obvious ways—”be still” bible verses came up in my devotionals and emails from spiritual friends. I heard it in the subtle ways—friends and family telling me “it’s okay” or “don’t worry” in a way that reminded me to calm down. And I heard it in the more nuanced ways – just between me and God—when things would work out in a way that forced me to sit and be still. That’s the point where you have to give in and say, okay God I’ll try it out. 

It’s what we all need to hear more often, but rarely do in our day to day lives. When all the wheels are spinning for work and progress, God is telling us to tap our brakes a bit more. In a funny way, we get to be like ducks —calm on the surface but furiously kicking below—except God is doing a large part of the work for us. He wants us to feel the relief of His hand and stay calm while He fights. 

We shouldn’t force things to happen when we want them to. We have to trust that the conversations occurring in heaven need time to unfold. We have to find stillness so God and His army have room to intervene. 

Be still and know.

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