I hear you

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” – Micah‬ ‭7‬:‭7‬  

“When we pray, God hears more than we ask, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine in His own time and in His own way.” – Unknown 

“He hears our hearts” – Romans 8:26

In our world when we ask a question, people most often respond with an answer. We talk, they talk. That’s how we have made communication function for thousands of years.

With God we talk and talk and talk at Him, but more often than not, He doesn’t shout down from the heavens to us. His communicative abilities are much more nuanced. As the impatient creatures we are, we assume He’s busy with something else and that’s why He isn’t responding. Or He’s ignoring us because we sinned. Or He’s just tired of helping us with the same redundant issues. That’s how people work, so isn’t that how God does, too?

This last Sunday I joined Carleton’s Mustard Seed Worship Service for a concert at the Orpheum, downtown Minneapolis (courtesy of all their hard work hanging coats at the Carleton Winter Ball might I add – thank you!!). The concert was Bethel Music. And it was one of the more spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. I think we all highly recommend them if you get the chance to go.

Anyways, one of the vocalist, Melissa, said God spoke to her that night through a vision prior to the concert. She saw a young woman singing with her guitar. The girl sang over and over, “Can anyone hear me?”

We’ve all been there. Desperate to know if our needs, our desires, our requests will ever be heard.

What Bethel Music communicated to the 2,000 people that night was that each and every one of our voices was heard. And that God was replying, “I hear you. Don’t give up on me.”

As I stood and praised God at that concert this realization become so clear. There were 2,000 people with their hands reaching up to God – some with tears in their eyes, some smiling, some whispering, some singing their own melody. I was one with tears streaming down my face as I heard the incredible sound and felt the unity of the sum of these acts.

The skeptical side of me could have easily assumed God was only speaking to one or two of the super Christians in the crowd. That my feeble attempts to connect with Him were not as loud or worthy as the vocalist up front.

However, the side of me that felt His presence in every inch of my body recognized He was speaking to me. It was so clear we could ALL hear Him and He wanted to speak to all of us on an individual level.

That night painted a picture for me. No, God hasn’t spoken to me in a crystal clear vision as He did to the worship leader that night. But He brought me to the concert, showed me a glorious scene and reminded me of His wonder.

He asks for patience. God is closer to you than you can even fathom. He’s paying attention to every single thing you do and knows your thoughts and your heart more intimately than you can yourself.

We think we know the response He should give. But allow Him to work in the way only He can. Listen to the answers only He has.

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