Blind faith

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” – John 20:29

“When we choose to follow Jesus’ voice instead of our eyes, our faith can be life changing.” – Tracie Miles

“…And he who thinks only with his mind
Will be blind to Truth.
He who does not think
With his conscience,
Does not stand by God,
For the language of light
Can only be decoded by the heart…” – Suzy Kassem

You’ve heard those quotes or at least some version of them before. However as the days go by, we forget these words all too easily. It’s not that we knowingly turn our back on this kind of faith, but rather we lose some of our zest for God as we can’t prove His reality to so many of those around us.

The political and social issues of late have tempted me away from this biblical principle of belief. It’s not admirable to blindly believe in something or someone. You believe a news story or something on your social media channel, and later find out it was fabricated. You believe in a political leader and later their scandal is revealed.

No, we humans can’t believe in anything on this earth without seeing or learning or studying tangible evidence of claims.

The conflict of believing without seeing was one I dealt with a lot in my time at Carleton College. For the first time in my life I was exposed to not only an overwhelming amount of Atheists, but also Jews, Muslims and other ideologies and religions that weren’t largely represented in small-town Minnesota. What’s more, these people were really smart and really loved to argue until a conclusion was found.

When I called Grandma Mary up on the phone throughout my times at school, I often vented about how difficult it could be to defend my Christian faith. I had never had to come up with such arguments, reasoning and logic to argue for something that was so real to me.

Instead of giving me words and weaponry with which to challenge my new community, Grandma Mary listened patiently and then reminded me to simply trust God and move on.

It’s taken me awhile to digest how at peace she was, but it all came down to her deep-seated faith. She had nothing to prove and didn’t need to convince others of what they couldn’t see.

We are lucky to say we don’t need to be afraid of all things that are unseen. We can go so far as to rest our faith there.

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